General FAQ

Where does Jolla come from?
Jolla’s home country is Finland.

Where are the Jolla offices located?
Jolla HQ is located in Helsinki, Finland. Jolla also has offices in Tampere, Finland and in Hong Kong.

What is Jolla Ltd’s main business and products?
Jolla Ltd., the mobile company from Finland, is developing Sailfish OS, the open and independent mobile operating system.

What is unique about Jolla?
Jolla, the new smartphone from Finland, offers a true alternative to the big players in the mobile industry. The revolutionary Jolla smartphone is the first smartphone in the world running on Jolla’s own independent mobile operating system Sailfish OS. It was built on the heritage of MeeGo, an open source operating system formerly developed by Nokia among others. We took the best pieces, put a lot of sweat and love to the project, and built something extraordinary, especially for you and together with you. An unrivalled user experience, giving you a new kind of control to your digital life.

What does ‘Jolla’ mean – How did you come up with that name?
In Finnish Jolla means a small sailboat. All our company vocabulary is maritime themed: our employees are ‘sailors’, our management team is ‘navigation’ and so on.

Which languages does Jolla support?
Currently supports English, Finnish, and Chinese
Sailfish OS supports Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese.

Where can I buy a Jolla smartphone?
Jolla smartphone is out of stock. Previously you could buy Jolla directly from our webshop if you live in the EU, Norway or Switzerland.

How much does a Jolla smartphone cost?

Jolla smartphone is out of stock. In the Jolla webshop shop the price has been 199 euros including VAT. 
The price may vary between markets.

Will I be able to use Jolla in the countries other than the ones it is available in right now?
Yes. The Jolla smartphone can be operated also in countries where it is not on sale currently. Please note that some features might not function as in official countries, and we don’t offer support in these locations.

When is Jolla launching its next product?
Our strategy from day one has been to continuously and transparently develop our most important asset Sailfish OS. Our aim is and has been to bring new features and fixes to the user experience on a frequent basis. We are continuing this strategy, i.e. we like to say that your Jolla smartphone gets better every month. So in this sense, Jolla smartphone is never outdated or old.

We of course have a roadmap for new products too, and we will announce details of that when the time is right.

How can I follow Jolla & get updates on what’s going on?
Sign up on to receive updates. If you are a Jolla user and you have a Jolla account, you will automatically receive news from us. We won’t spam though, we’re aiming to keep it as useful as possible!

Please do also refer to this listing for all the official Jolla channels

How do I submit a comment or idea to Jolla?
We do everything we can to ensure that you have a memorable experience at, and while we do welcome your comments, feedback and ideas we ask that you review our idea policy before sharing them with us.

Alternatively, please feel free to share your feedback or submit a feature request on our online forum

How do I learn about career opportunities or apply for a job with Jolla?
We welcome inquiries from talented individuals who want to work for a great company. For questions related to open positions or submitting an open application, please contact us.

Jolla account

Where can I create a Jolla account?
You can create a Jolla account if you  click here

What can I do with my Jolla account?
You need a valid Jolla account to dowload apps and get updates for your Jolla device. In addition this you can log in to our forum with your Jolla account credentials.

Where can I retrieve my Jolla account password?
Please click here to reset your password.

Can I share my account with others?

No. The account you create should be directly linked to you, as this will enable delivery of current and future services from You can always recommend your friends & colleagues to get their individual accounts from us here.

How do you use my personal information?
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