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Jolla launch FAQ

When and where will Jolla launch first?

The launch party is on 27 November at Narinkka Square in Helsinki, Finland, where DNA will setup a pop-up store and deliver the world’s first pre-ordered Jolla. At the event a total of 450 Jollas will be sold to customers who have pre-ordered their phones in the first pre-booking campaign. At the same time, we will start mail deliveries in the order of pre-bookings.

Why is Finland the first market to receive the phones?

Finland is our home market and DNA will be the world’s first operator to sell Jolla phones. However, all the pre-order customers from all countries in both 1st and 2nd pre-booking campaigns will be served in the priority order they have placed their original orders. Also, Jolla phones will be gradually available through direct online sales.

Who is invited to the launch party?

Invitations to the event will be sent in the priority order we have received the pre-bookings. Invitations for the launch party will go to pre-booking customers and places are limited to 450. After you receive an invitation and sign up, please wait for Jolla to confirm your place.

How do I get my Jolla if I’m not going to the launch party or can’t join even if I get an invitation?

If you got an invitation but can’t join the party, no worries, we will email you instructions to complete your payment online and ship your device in priority order. Also pre-booking customers who do not get a confirmed place at the launch party can complete their purchase online. Details will be sent to all pre-booking customer via email before the launch party. All deliveries will be served in priority order.

Can others who didn’t pre-order get the device before me?

All pre-order customers are being prioritized before everyone else, including all our international customers.

General FAQ

Jolla account

Q.1 I want to change my email address and password. Please help.

A. Any registered user of can change his or her password and email address here.

Q.2 I want to change my delivery address or my billing address, or both. Please help.

A. Any registered user of can change his or her basic account information here.. However, changes to delivery or billing address or both by Jolla account holders are currently not supported. These changes must be made by Jolla at the request of the account holder.

Q.3 Can I share my account with others?

A. In simple words – no, as the account you create should be directly linked to you, as this will enable delivery of current and future services from You can always recommend your friends & colleagues to get their individual accounts from us here.

Q.4 I want to update my payment options. Please help.

A. Payment options can be changed or selected at checkout.

Q.5 I want to retrieve my Jolla account password. Please help.

A. Please click here to reset your password.

Q.6 I would like to know which languages supports. Please help.

A. Currently supports English and Finnish.


Q.1 I was wondering how often new products and devices are added to the Jolla store. Please help.

“A. Jolla devices and products will be launched and added at the sole discretion of Jolla Ltd. Please refer back to for upcoming announcements. You can also follow us in Google+,, Twitter and Facebook!”

Q.2 I would like to know when Jolla’s first device will become available. Please help.

A. We target to ship the first device by the end of 2013. Online sales will be open to European Union countries plus Norway and Switzerland.

Q.3 I would like to know where I can buy Jolla devices. Please help.

A. Currently, Jolla devices are not yet commercially available. Eventually, our devices will be available via and will be offered by our local partners. Please stay tuned!

General inquiries

Q.1 Where is Jolla located?

A. Jolla HQ is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Q.2 How do you use my personal information?

A. When you register, we initially collect your first name, last name, and email address. This information is used to respond to your requests, contact you if necessary, and, if you wish, send you emails about sales, promotions and other special events. For purchases from, we will, in addition to the above, collect delivery address, billing address and phone number. We use cookies and other technologies to collect non-personally identifiable information for a variety of purposes, such as to improve the design and content of our website, enable us to provide a more personalized experience when you browse our sites, and keep you up to date on products, promotions, and other email communications that may be of interest. If you disable cookies, you may not have access to some features on You may opt out of our promotional communications by following the instructions outlined in any communications you receive from us. Please note that we will always confirm your order and shipment status via email when you make online purchases with us. For complete information regarding the usage or your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Q.3 How do I submit a comment or idea to Jolla?

A. We do everything we can to ensure that you have a memorable experience at, and while we do welcome your comments, feedback and ideas we ask that you review our idea policy before sharing them with us.

“Q.4 How do I learn about career opportunities or apply for a job with Jolla?”

“A. We welcome inquiries from talented individuals who want to work for a great company. For questions related to open positions or submitting an open application, please contact us.