SAILFISH X: the downloadable Sailfish OS


Sailfish X is Jolla’s officially supported Sailfish OS software for the Sony XperiaTM X device. Purchase the software package, install it on your own Xperia™ X device and experience Sailfish OS on this great device.


The Sony XperiaTM X device is simply the best device currently to run official Sailfish OS. Its tech specs, camera quality, screen, and design if you like, will take your Sailfish OS experience to the next level. We are still working to get all the benefit out of the device, i.e. in the first SW release there are some missing features including Bluetooth, new sensors (e.g. barometer, step counter), fingerprint, and FM-radio.


Sailfish X is currently aimed for developers and other tech lovers with some skills. This simply means that in order to get the software running properly on your Sony device you have to be tech savvy and have a Windows PC to get through the process. Don’t worry though, we have good instructions for you (scroll down on this page).


Sailfish X is an open source project supported by Sony Open Devices. Sailfish community members and other developers and enthusiasts are warmly welcome to contribute, and to build their own SW images from the sources. Please check the instructions from our blog post.


Our developer community is warmly welcome to work and experiment on the open source parts of Sailfish OS, and to build own software images. By purchasing the Sailfish X package you will get all the following: 

Sailfish OS image to flash to your XperiaTM device
Android support, predictive text input, and MS exchange support as downloads from Jolla Store to your device
Software updates for at least one year, after which a continuation program will follow (see FAQ below)
Clear instructions and support for downloads & installation
Jolla Customer Care service for one year

Current availability: EU, Norway, Switzerland
Price: 49,90€ (including VAT)

You will need to purchase the Sony Xperia X (single or dual SIM version) yourself.
Note: Do not buy carrier locked devices, since those might not work for this purpose.
Also: if you’re buying a 2nd hand device, please check this prior the purchase. See below FAQ for more details.


Our aim is to make the purchase, download & install process as easy as possible. At the moment you need to be tech savvy and have some basic skills to run through the process. We will add new instruction material to this section as the project matures.

The basic process is very simple, just follow these steps:

Video: October 4, 2017 instructions: October 11, 2017

Community discussion forum


Here are some of the most asked questions. If you do not find the answer here, please check or email

1. Why is it called Sailfish X?
‘Sailfish OS for Sony XperiaTM X’ is a long and cumbersome name. We wanted to give it a shorter punchier title. Pls note that this is a marketing name, the software is still called Sailfish OS. 

2. Why do you start with the Jolla Tablet refund group?
The availability of Sailfish X moves in quick phases, and in the first phase we invite our Jolla Tablet refund group to use their vouchers for the purchase, if they so wish. In a few days we will open the other payment options.

3. Why do you charge 49.90€ for it?
The basic image of Sailfish OS is free, but with the price you get a supported commercial version that includes commercial components like Android Runtime, and Exchange support. You also get support and updates for your OS from Jolla, and you can support the Sailfish OS development. Jolla has invested a lot time and money for development of Sailfish OS. Supporting a release officially is also a significant cost and there are licensing costs that Jolla needs to cover when distributing commercial components of Sailfish OS. 

4. What happens to my Sailfish X software after one year, will it still work?
Yes, your software will continue to function and we will continue providing standard Sailfish OS updates to the Sony devices as long as feasible. However, we may add additional software to the Sailfish OS asset, which can be subject to separate pricing later on. Further on, with this price, we guarantee Jolla customer care for one year from sales start, which is in October. 

5. How long are the software updates running for me? A year starting from when?
We offer updates and customer service for a year from the software delivery start, which is in October. 

6. Why do I have to have a Windows PC in order to install it? Which versions work?
Windows is the default environment for Sony’s flashing tools. We are looking into the possibility of installing the software also using other platforms, but can’t promise this yet. Supported Windows versions are 7,8 and 10. 

7. I already bought a device, but I don’t have a Windows PC. What to do?
You can ask in if there are other community members in your area that could help with the installation or you can wait until other platforms are supported. 

8. Why can’t I use a carrier locked device for this purpose? I have a device, which was originally locked, can I use it?
Unfortunately, Sony does not support unlocking bootloader to install alternative operating systems for devices that have been carrier locked, even after carrier lock has been removed. 

9. Isn’t the XperiaTM X phone quite close to end of sales? How long will it be available?
The device should be available at least until spring next year – however the availability depends on the country you live in. 

10. Are you looking into expanding the availability? I live in a country, which is not on the list.
Yes, we are looking into expanding the sales beyond the initial list of countries. Stay tuned for updates.