At Jolla we aim at changing the mobile OS landscape.

Jolla, the mobile technology company from Finland, is the developer of open mobile operating system Sailfish OS. Our company was born in 2011, with roots in Nokia and MeeGo. We believe in openness and independence in everything we do. We believe that the mobile OS landscape needs alternatives to current dominating operating systems, and our mission is to deliver on that belief.

Our crown jewel, Sailfish OS, is a Linux-based, independent, scalable and customizable mobile operating system, which we develop and offer for various kinds of licensing customers. Sailfish OS is suitable for governmental needs, corporations, and any environment which needs a customized, privacy enhanced mobile OS solution. Sailfish OS, with its smooth user experience and scalable technology is perfect for devices ranging from smart watches to television size screens, and to IoT solutions.

With Sailfish OS, a government or an enterprise can create a secure environment with full control of their data and access. In addition, the full operating system is managed locally by the vendor to provide maximum security and a chain-of-trust. The framework allows licensees to integrate their own security solutions with their own encryption algorithms and services.

The first Sailfish OS mobile product, the Jolla smartphone, was first introduced in November 2013. Since then Sailfish OS has been deployed to tens of devices both for Sailfish licensing customers and Sailfish OS users, e.g. though the Sailfish X program. In addition to officially supported devices, the Sailfish OS developer community has ported Sailfish OS to dozens of devices.

While an independent Linux platform, not based on Android, Sailfish OS can also run common Android apps. In 2021, Jolla started to license this technology as a standalone solution to other Linux-based platforms. The solution supports custom partner app stores, and it can be utilized in various environments, including the automotive sector and the transportation industry more widely.

We have offices in Helsinki and Tampere, Finland.

‘Jolla’ means a small dinghy in Finnish and it is a symbol for our agility.