What is The Other Half?

“The Other Half” is a previously unseen combination of hardware and software innovation. When you attach The Other Half to your Jolla, it becomes alive and unique, utilising preset ambiances and functionalities, such as colors, fonts, sounds, profiles, and applications. Manufactured from ultra-durable and scratch resistant polycarbonate, “The Other Half” is the soul of Jolla, delivering a personal and unique experience. The Other Half fits your Jolla perfectly, without altering its dimensions. Check out more information here 

Where can I get one?

You can purchase The Other Half smart covers from the Jolla webshop from where we deliver to EU countries, Switzerland and Norway. You can also buy The Other Half smart covers from selected partners.

What colours of The Other Half are available for purchase?
At the moment you can get The Other Half in Keira Black, Aloe, and Poppy Red, each featuting unique ambience to match the colour inside and out. When you buy a Jolla, it comes with the white The Other Half, which you can’t purchase separately. We also have a very special Limited Edition The Other Half in Poppy Red, which is available for the pre-order customers. More colours will become available in due course.

What content is there in The Other Half?

The Other Half packs a unique ambience with custom tones, wallpapers and more. You can preview each ambience here:

How many The Other Half smart covers can I order at one time?

Currently you can order 10 The Other Half covers in each colour, but if you’d like to have more, drop us a line at info@jolla.com and we’ll help you out.

Can someone else use my The Other Half smart cover?

The Other Half works with all Jolla smartphones. You need to have an active Jolla account to access The Other Half ambiences.

How do I use The Other Half?

See these instructions for further information on how to use The Other Half.

Help! My The Other Half won’t work?

Switch off your Jolla and remove and re-attach The Other Half. Switch your Jolla back on. Now your Jolla should recognize The Other Half. You will be prompted to install the ambience pack. To install the ambience pack you should have a working internet connection and an active Jolla account.
If there’s a message on your Jolla saying “The Other Half is already in use” please read this article.

If you can’t resolve an issue related to your TOH, please submit a support request.

I want to return my The Other Half, what do I do?

Please check our return policy

I want to create my own version of The Other Half. Where do I start?

Check out The Other Half Developer Kit